We can monitor your property

effectively and efficiently 

A 'hands on', business class,

boutique style management

Your property stays in the care of

those with a vested interest

Ogilvy Properties is a Property Management company based in

The Whitsundays (where your investment property is) and offers a personalised property management service and can monitor your property effectively

as it is just ‘down the road’.

Ogilvy Properties was founded with the aim of providing a dedicated property management service to owners of residential investment properties.  We do not have a Sales Department as we believe that in doing so is counter productive to providing effective management of your property. We have no underlying drive to ‘sell’ your property in order to generate a ‘sales commission’; therefore our entire focus strategy hinges upon providing excellence in property management for you.  If, at any stage however, you decide to sell your property; we can assist in finding the right local sales agent for you if you do not already have a preference.


Many agencies claim to strive for ‘excellence’. Our attitude is that absolute excellence has to be consistently updated in order to achieve such a goal. This means we are always reviewing and updating service standards to our clients as each client requires a different approach and often has differing expectations and these all have to be accommodated for.

There is no real secret to our success, it involves a total commitment across all areas of our business.


Agents say they are different, but still provide impersonal, unqualified service and most do not even have experienced property managers who understand the role let alone their local area. You deserve better…

Management of your rental property is not just about maintenance, making sure the rent is in on time and good tenants. It’s also about maximising your return on investment and caring for your investment… the main reason you invested in the first place.


Unlike many others in the industry, our Senior Property Manager is the owner of the business. What that means to you is that you get a ‘hands on’ business class, boutique style management of your property. Your property stays in the care of those with a vested interest in maximising your property’s upkeep and return on investment.





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